Vistapath and PathAI to Collaborate to Validate Automated Tissue Grossing Platform

VistaPath, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based, data-driven pathology processing platforms, today announced that VistaPath Sentinel was validated in a clinical setting after a collaboration with PathAI, a global leader in AI-powered pathology. VistaPath Sentinel is the world’s first automated tissue grossing platform.

The Sentinel is a first-of-its-kind tissue grossing platform that automates the process of receiving, assessing, and processing tissue samples. Designed to make tissue grossing faster, safer, and easier, the Sentinel uses a high-quality video system to assess specimens and create a gross report 93% faster than human technicians with 43% more accuracy. It not only improves on quality by continuously monitoring the cassette, container, and tissue to reduce mislabeling and specimen mix-up, but also increases traceability by retaining original images for downstream review.

“Despite informing a majority of clinical decisions, anatomical pathology still prepares samples for diagnosis manually, in stark contrast to other clinical lab services. Our work with PathAI has proven our ability to modernize this critical lab process,” said Timothy Spong, CEO of VistaPath. “This is a complimentary partnership of AI technologies. PathAI’s validation of the Sentinel in a clinical setting has charted the course for broader use of the device in the clinical market, following our FDA and ISO27001 compliance earlier this year.”

For customers like PathAI, the Sentinel adds another level of sophistication to their workflow by providing automated grossing, making the process faster, cheaper and with fewer errors. “We joined with a top anatomic pathology laboratory to establish a new type of modern lab, PathAI Diagnostics. This commitment to usher in a new era of precision pathology requires partners that can transform other parts of the laboratory process outside of the diagnosis itself; VistaPath offers a technology that can automate grossing,” said Dr. Andy Beck, CEO and Co-Founder of PathAI. “Implementing the Sentinel into our clinical workflow can tremendously impact our diagnostic laboratory process management with a high-quality, AI-focused solution.”

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VistaPath is modernizing pathology labs using computer vision and artificial intelligence. They provide clients with significant quality, workflow, and strategic benefits with the overall goal of delivering improved results for pathologists, clinicians, and patients. The Sentinel is the company’s first product. Learn more at


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