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Automatically photographs and measures samples in

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Introducing Sentinel

Despite informing many clinical decisions, anatomical pathology still prepares samples for diagnosis manually, in stark contrast to other clinical processes. This can cause inaccurate measurements or mixed-up samples.

Vistapath has taken the most time-consuming and meticulous parts of grossing and automated them. Sentinel optimizes the grossing process using an AI-powered augmentation system that seamlessly integrates with a lab’s existing workflow to help them work faster and safer while increasing revenue. And Sentinel’s size, portability, and simple user experience make it easy to fit into any lab set up.

A scalable, automated process

Sentinel’s intuitive user experience allows technicians to complete a gross report more than 90% faster. After samples are photographed and measured, technicians can take their notes directly in the platform and then a report is automatically created with all of the information collected—removing the need for transcriptions and allowing the photos to be referenced throughout the diagnosis process. And labs can continue using the same report template they are familiar with through customizations in the platform.

Why Sentinel?

Increased accuracy

The sample, vial and cassettes are scanned continuously to reduce mislabeling and specimen mix-ups.

Increased consistency

For every case, Sentinel takes comprehensive photographs of the sample, the vial and each cassette at multiple angles before and after slicing.

Simple and adaptable process

Sentinel has different settings to allow labs to best fit it into their current workflows and training is quick and easy. Auto mode measures the sample using AI and Assist mode allows you to manually the measure the sample on screen.

Proprietary operating system

Sentinel runs on Vistapath’s state-of-the-art operating system. It’s built on proprietary AI that is constantly learning from new data inputs, seamlessly integrates with labs’ LIS/EMR data, and is ISO 27001 certified.

Increased efficiency

Gross reports can be completed faster and safer with Sentinel’s automated process, and reports can be viewed and approved remotely right in the application, shaving hours of specimen turnover time.


Rather than needing to find budget to buy a new tool, labs pay per sample and Vistapath manages all upkeep of the platform.

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