Our story

Vistapath is championing a new mindset in healthcare that embraces technology to drive the future of pathology

The idea for Vistapath began when founder and CEO Tim Spong was working a dream job at a top-tier hospital managing their pathology labs.

There, the unthinkable happened—the lab mixed up two patient samples. This was an error that led to incorrect treatment and harm for both patients, and it has stayed with Tim to this day. Even then, pathology was operating the same way it had been for nearly a century—repetitive, manual workflows that left plenty of room for errors. Without any significant innovation, these same errors continue to impact patients around the world. Leveraging his years of experience as a histotechnician, Tim partnered with Ben Burley, an accomplished leader in technical product development, to create Vistapath.

Vistapath was founded to accomplish a single mission: to modernize pathology, giving pathology labs the tools they need to increase the quality, efficiency, and consistency across all critical lab processes, because when patients are involved it’s critical to get it right. Since that first day, every decision made or product built is done in the service of that mission.

Our team

Even the hardest challenges can be overcome with the right team. We’ve brought together some of the best minds in the industry to innovate pathology.

Our investors

We’re grateful for the support and guidance from our investors.

Modernizing pathology labs by delivering higher quality, efficiency, and consistency across critical lab processes

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