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Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the expertise of leading histotechnicians, Sentinel takes grossing to the next level with rapid tissue assessment and centralized data reporting. Schedule an introductory meeting to explore the technology fueling the transformation of time-consuming grossing tasks into efficient, adaptable, and innovative workflows.

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Today’s pathology labs are doing more with less

Pathology labs face growing output demands despite time constraints and industry-wide staffing shortages. Sentinel reduces the workload on these teams by automating the most time- and labor-intensive grossing processes, creating new workflow efficiencies that enhance consistency, accuracy, and scalability.

Optimize grossing workflow from start to finish

Accurate & consistent

During every case, Sentinel continuously scans the sample, vial, and cassette at multiple angles before and after slicing to reduce mislabeling and specimen mix-ups.

Simple & intuitive

As an ISO 27001 certified system, Sentinel seamlessly integrates into each lab’s unique workflow and LIS/EMR with simple implementation, quick training, and intuitive user experience.

Adaptable & scalable

Offering both AI-powered and manual measurement modes in a small, portable system, Sentinel provides the flexibility pathology teams need to adapt and scale with ease.

Efficient & cost-effective

Sentinel automatically photographs and measures samples in less than one second, creating new workflow efficiencies and additional revenue opportunities.

End-to-end efficiency for every lab environment

Modernizing pathology labs by delivering higher quality, efficiency, and consistency across critical lab processes

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